Run My Auction - Auction Check-in/Check-out Hardware/Software and Consultation
Run My Auction

Benicia, CA 94510 | 707.747.4747

Run My Auction Services

Run My Auction is more than just software.

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can hire Run My Auction to run the check-in/check-out piece of your auction.

If you are not in the San Francisco Bay Area, there is still a solution for you. Run My Auction can be used over the internet. You and purchase a license to use Run My Auction for your auction. You will receive instructions and phone support leading up to your auction and after your auction.

The best value of Run My Auction is for organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area who hold auctions in places where there is no internet access. This is because, Run My Auction comes with a hardware setup of 6 computers and 3 computers, and one of the computers is a self-contained web-server and database server. That’s right, the hardware package is its own self contained “cloud application”.

In addition to the web application and the hardware, Run My Auction comes with personal auction consultation. Need help organizing your auction, We will guide you through necessary steps to make your event a success. Most importantly, we will help you avoid the mistakes that many fundraising committees make when planning an auction.

Standard set up:
  1. 6 Mac computers with keyboards, mice, and monitors
  2. 3 HP Laser printers
  3. Includes built-in web server and built-in database server and all software needed to run Run My Auction.

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